debut (self-titled)

Euphoria rose from obscurity in 1999 when the track "Delirium" from the self-titled debut release broke onto the American Triple-A radio charts, becoming a favorite on the playlists of influential stations like Los Angeles' KCRW, Denver's KBCO and San Francisco's KFOG. The hit drew attention from the worlds of film, television and advertising, making its way onto series like "Malcolm in the Middle," the trailer for "Vanilla Sky," and commercials for Nissan, Lee Jeans and Apple's iPod.

beautiful my child

Beautiful My Child' was released in 2001, once again garnering attention from the film and television worlds. The single, "Little Gem," has been used on the hit TV series, "CSI," making its way onto the show's soundtrack, while Apple's Steve Jobs used the track "Sweet Rain" to launch MacWorld 2002.

precious time

Euphoria takes its sound to new levels, partnering with internationally acclaimed vocalists and producers who make a unique mark on the album's tracks and help create full-length vocal tracks, which will no doubt enjoy radio play in the U.S. and abroad.

delerium remixes (EP)

The song that first launched Euphoria and the 12 String Sound w/Beats. Used by everybody. The remix by Fila Brazillia was a dance club hit in the UK plus excellent remixes by State Of Bengal and Dave Ball's MI7.

sweet rain remixes (EP)

Used by Apple for MacWorld and as the trailer for Melungeon Voices. Remixes by Fila Brazillia; Phaze Action and producer Garry Hughes.

e4 (Instrumental)

The fourth Euphoria album is a study in song forms, comprised of two albums, one instrumental, one vocal.
The instrumental album contains long form compositions, touching in an instrumental style on such varied personal and political topics as artist Amy Winehouse, World War Two heroine Anne Frank, relationships, love found and lost and 21st century cyber spying. Musical influences include such Euphoria retro favourites as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
The songs are linked by shorter ambient dreamscapes with blues to pop stylings spanning and augmenting the course of the CD.

e4 (Vocal)

The vocal album uses extended versions of the ambient dreamscapes and on the first part of the CD touches on the pop world, courtesy of vocals by Toronto vocalist Robyn Dell'Unto. The second half of the CD focuses on more trance and blues inspired vocal stylings featuring Ms. Dell'Unto and Nashville vocalist Kalisa Ewing.
Musician's on both albums include harmonica player Howard Levy, drummers Steve Sidelnyk, Nir Z and Elliot Denenberg, keyboardist's Charles Olins and Sean Spuehler, bass player Gerry Mosby, textural proponent Donal Hodgson and 12 string slide guitarist, composer Ken Ramm.


The EUPHORIA REMIX EP on Paris, France based label Folistar contains three top of the line remixes. Remixers Tunabeats (Massive Attack, Madonna, Seal) and Richard Robson turn their talents towards Euphoria’s “Blue” and “Sinners and Saints” from the "Precious Time” album. Vocals are by Danish vocalist extraordinaire Tina Dico.
Spinning on the east and west coast of the U.S. and charting on stations such as the highly regarded Radio Paradise, California.
Bring on the beat ...